​​F-M Dog Obedience School and The Mutt Hutt


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Dog obedience isn't just for people who wish to compete in dog shows!  Training is a great way to bond with your dog while making them more compatible.  We know the dogs love the classes and hope you will enjoy them too!

Our groomers have years of experience to keep your dogs looking their best!   We use the best all natural grooming products available.  We book out fast so make your appointment soon!

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F-m Dog Obedience & The Mutt Hutt in Moorhead

Professional Dog Groomers, Trainers, and Supply Experts

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1214 Main Ave

Moorhead, MN


F-m Dog Obedience & The Mutt Hutt in Moorhead

Stop in and check out our store!  We offer quality supplies such as:  premium food for cats and dogs, fun and enriching toys, stylish collars, sweaters, training products, and more!  Have questions?  Stop in and chat with our supply experts!

At the F-M Dog Obedience School and The Mutt Hutt, we offer professional dog training, pet grooming, and pet supplies.  Our trainers have been helping you train your dog since 1976 and our groomers have been making your dogs look their best since 1983.  Come on over to Moorhead and see the difference experience makes.